Field instruments and accessories

Pressure measurement

The Honeywell SmartLine® series ranges from differential, absolute, gauge, flanged (level), remote seal  and multivariable transmitters as well as remote indicators. They all have global approvals and SIL certification. 15 years as optional warranty time is unique in the industry.   

Temperature measurement

The SmartLine® temperature transmitter series are available in tree constructions and so the user can choose the one which is the best for a specific application. The temperature transmitters are available as OEM as well as ready for built in versions. Temperature transmitters have global approvals, provide different communication methods and diagnostic functions.   

Level measurement

SmartLine™ Non-Contact and Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters allow measurement of liquid level, solid/granular level or liquid interface. A common electronics platform makes installation, setup and user interface easy. The two wire design saves on wiring and reduces costs.

Flow measurement 

The VersaFlow flow measuring devices follow the Honeywell's strategy of strict quality, reliability and technical controls. Honeywell provides global support for users.

Configuration tools

The wide choice of configuration and monitoring tools makes the configuration, monitoring and proper operation of instruments easy. Some of them is applicable with third party products too.  

Wireless network devices

Honeywell provides such a unique wireless system, which supports many industrial protocol. Wireless systems are easy to install and operate. 

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