Solenoid valves for steam

The hot water and steam valves from Parker can be used up to temperatures of 140C and 160C, respectively. These are complemented by the GSR Ventiltechnik ranges which can be used up to 180/200C.

7321.H series
7321.H series 7321.H seriesDATASHEET
nominal sizes G3/8" -2"
pressure range 0,1...4bar
operating temperature -10...140°C
operation NC
housing material réz
membrane material EPDM
power of coil 9W
PM156.2 series
PM156.2 series PM156.2 seriesDATASHEET
nominal sizes G1/2" - 1"
pressure range 0,5...6bar
fluid temperature 0...160°C
operation NC
housing material brass
membrane material Teflon
power of coil 9W
7322.H series, normally open
7322.H series, normally open 7322.H series, normally openDATASHEET
nominal sizes G3/8" - 2"
pressure range 0,1...4bar
temperature range -10..140°C
operation NO
housing réz
membrane material EPDM
coil power 9W
35 series
35 series 35 seriesDATASHEET
nominal sizes G1/4" -1"
pressure range 0...10, 25, 40bar
fluid temperature max. 180°C, or 200°C
operation NC or NO
housing brass or stainless steel
membrane material PTFE
24-TH series
24-TH series 24-TH seriesDATASHEET
nominal sizes DN32...DN200
construction flange type
pressure range 0...6bar; 0...13bar
fluid temperature 0...180°C, 200°C
housing material GG25, GSC-25, 1.4581
sealing material PTFE