Nitrogen and pure gas generators

Industrial nitrogen generators

Pure nitrogen is used in several fields of industry. Nitrogen is shipped to customers in cylinders and tank sin most cases. Parker’s new initiative provide nitrogen at the point of use, generated from air with purity range of 95-99.999%. This technology offer many advantage which are the following:

  • No need for storage tank sor cylinder
  • Elimination of unexpected stops caused by foulty or empty cylinders
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Compact in structure, low space requirement
  • Reliable operation without need of controlling
  • All phases of process can electronically monitored and registered
  • More favourable costs structure on long term bases

Analytical gas generators

Two divisions of Parker is dealing with analytical generator manufacturing. These are Parker Balston and Parker domnick hunter. There are many overlapping in instruments. Both division is producing laboratory hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators, even in combined versions. Parker clean gas generators are widely used for GC, LC/MS, TOC, FT-IR and FID applications int he laboratories.

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