Membrane and peristaltic pumps

For almost every pumping duty we can offer reliable solution by air operated membrane pumps. Metal and plastic housing membrane pumps are able to deliver viscous and/or agressive liquids and even dust. Some of our pumps have FDA certificate for food industrial applications. Compressed air, which energise these pumps, allow safe operation in ex-proof environment. They are self-priming and able to operate properly even if smaller size solid particles are present. Our customers can find CRANE and DEBEM models in our assortment.

Peristaltic pumps made by CRANE are covering pumping capacity range of 0,2- 30 cmh. They are able to deliver high density, viscous substances and shear sensitive material. Their discharge pressure can selected between 2 and 13 bar g, depending on wide range of e-motors. Low revolution of pumps allow gentle filtration. Many applications can be covered by selecting hoses manufactured from different construction materials. 

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