Combined filters

Combined filters are developed especially for small wineries. They unite the advantages of candle kieselguhr filters and membrane filters, offering one instrument capable of handling both duties. Connecting kieselguhr candle and membrane filters in series, 2 or 3 steps of filtration can be managed in one step to reach sterile, ready to bottle quality. This equipment consists of a pump, a heated tank and 3 filter housings, which can include both kieselguhr and membrane filter cartridges. F3 and F4 equipments are also suitable for sterilizing bottling heads, pipelines and smaller tanks. Their capacity range is 350-900 lph.

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F3 combined wine filter
F3 combined wine filter F3 combined wine filterDATASHEET
Flow rate 3,5-6 hl/h
Number of housings 1