NitroSource PSA generators

The Parker NitroSource PSA generators have unique design and advanced technologies in many aspects. NitroSource PSA generators need less compressed air to generate more nitrogen while they provide an extremely cost-efficient operation. The CMS inside is planned to last over 10 years. Nitrogen purity is from 95% up to 99.995 (5ppm residual oxygen). Maintenance costs are very low so the NitroSource generators are the most effective way to generate clean nitrogen.

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NitroSource PSA range
NitroSource PSA range NitroSource PSA rangeDATASHEET
Flow rate (@99.5% purity) 18-81m3/h @7bar
Inlet pressure range 5-13 bar
Air quality ISO 8573-1; 2010 Class 2.2.2
Temperature range 5-50C
IP rating IP 20