Door safeguarding

Light curtains are a typical means of protection in lift doors. Their task is to protect personnel walking into or out of the lift cabin. They also protect lift doors from damaging forces.

Cedes provides 2 different types of light curtains: Mini Max and Cegard Mini. Mini Max has a plastic while Cegard Mini has an aluminum body. Both types have a body profile of 12*10mm and the protection height is 1800 mm. MiniMax has PNP or NPN output while CegardMini has a supply and relay module and gives contact output.

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MiniMax lightcurtain
MiniMax lightcurtain MiniMax lightcurtainDATASHEET
protected height 1800 mm
number of beams 79 or 159
supply voltage 10...30VDC
output VCC/GND 120mA NO/NC
protection IP 65
CegardMini lightcurtain
CegardMini lightcurtain CegardMini lightcurtainDATASHEET
protected height 1592 or 1822mm
number of beams max. 154
sensing distance 4m
supply voltage 10...30VDC or 20...265VAC
protection IP 65
cegard Mini-MOD lightcurtain
cegard Mini-MOD lightcurtain cegard Mini-MOD lightcurtainDATASHEET
védett magasság 1630mm
hatótávolság 0...5m
a fénysugarak száma 74, 114 vagy 154
tápfeszültség 20...265VAC / 20...375VDC
kimenet relé
védettség IP65