Relay modules, power supplies

Relay and power supply units are important complementary components of different sensors like button photocells, hoistway sensors and light curtains. The Ceprox relay works on 24VDC and can accept both PNP and NPN signals. Combined supply and relay modules work on 230V, can accept both NPN and PNP outputs and have potential free changeover output.  

Ceprox relay module
Ceprox relay module Ceprox relay moduleDATASHEET
supply voltage 10...30VDC
output NPN or PNP
output contact changeover, 3A max.
protection IP 33
cables (supply and output) 1-1m
UPS (Universal power supply) I.
UPS (Universal power supply) I. UPS (Universal power supply) I. DATASHEET
supply voltage 20...265V AC/DC
output 24VDC
relay output 250VAC/8A
LEDs green:supply; yellow: relay operation
protection IP 54
AC input 85...265VAC
DC output 24VDC +/-5%
max. power 250 mA
signal input 1*PNP; 1*NPN
LEDs input: green; red: relay in op.
protection IP 33