Through beam light, camera sensors

Single beam photoelectric cells are typically used in lift doors. Breaking the light-beam re-opens the lift door to avoid hitting or causing injury the persons stepping in or out of the cabin. To make this system more effective 2 pair of photocells are used in most lift doors. This solution is one of the cheapest means of protection in lift doors.

Camera sensors detect people in lift cabins. This solution can be very useful in buildings where a high level of safety is important (banks, governement offices,etc.).

Through beam light sensor
Through beam light sensor Through beam light sensorDATASHEET
sensing distance 0,5...6m
supply voltage 10...30VDC
output NPN/PNP
size (hole) 13mm
protection IP 67
Camera sensor
Camera sensor Camera sensorDATASHEET
controlled area kb. 2,9*2,2m@2,1m
output 2 relay contats
supply voltage 24VDC; kb 200mA
size 125*67*37mm